Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shouldn't John McCain release his medical records??WW?Efqwerfkm1111!!!?

No. I did not just fucking read this.

Yeah. I get it. People are worried about Sarah Palin becoming President, yes yes. I feel it.

But the thing is, I'm not voting for John McCain. There was never any doubt in my mind of that, and I doubt that any of the people on the liberal blogosphere who are clamoring to see John McCain's medical records experienced any kind of indecision, either. Because John McCain's health problems will not make him a bad president. John McCain's sheer desperation to be president - a desperation that leaves him in the thrall of the GOP and their wingnut wackjob leaders - will make him a bad president. John McCain's shameful lack of knowledge regarding anything except POW BITCHEZZZ will make him a bad president.

The leftwingosphere-whathaveyou knows this. And the demand to see John McCain's medical records is creepy. Not to mention ageist and ableist. Ageism and ableism? Kind of go along with all the other -isms I can think of. Including sexism and racism. Liberals don't get to go after conservative politicians because of this kind of thing, any more than conservatives get to go after Hillary Clinton for being a woman or Barack Obama for being black.

Seriously, John McCain doesn't do enough for which he can be attacked fairly?

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