Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm Glad the Old Bastard is Dead (Jesse Helms edition)

Jesse Helms has died, and let me be one of many North Carolinians to say that I am glad the old bastard is dead.

Despite all the slack-jawed credulous yokels interviewed on every local news channel in North Carolina praising his "convictions", I am sure there are many blacks, gays, women, poor people, terminally-ill people (including people with AIDS), and people who are not members of these groups but suppose that one's membership in one or more of these groups should not affect the quality of their lives who are glad the old bastard is dead and who didn't think his "convictions" were all that great either. If it is someone's conviction that as many people as possible should be excluded from as many rights and liberties as possible (providing they are not a white wealthy straight Christian man, of course), including those of lifelibertyandthepursuitofhappiness, then he's not only an asshole, he's a stubborn asshole. Fuck that.

He told a good number of people - gays and women seeking abortions in particular - that they could all just fuck right off and die. If you're gay and have AIDS, Jesse Helms didn't give a shit. If you're a pregnant woman who is not so fond of the pregnant part, Jesse Helms didn't give a shit. You could fuck right off and die.

I know liberal blogs are under constant surveillance by choads in the news media [hi, BillO! I should be so lucky as to have you piss all over my blog, I suppose -- ed.] for hateful language and the like, but fuck it. Jesse Helms was a hateful bastard. Jesse Helms was a hateful, deplorable human being whose soul was filled with garbage and piss and vinegar, and I am glad the old bastard is dead, because here we have a man who dedicated his entire career to pro-segregation, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-poor, anti-non-privileged-folk politics. He wanted me and my kind to die horrible slow painful deaths of either AIDS-related illnesses (AIDS patients) or sepsis (any woman who ever wanted to have an abortion ever). Those were his convictions.

My convictions are, of course, that I am glad the old bastard is dead.

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