Monday, April 21, 2008

A woman's ability is not adversely affected by how many babies will/have pass(ed) through her vagina.

Hell. Yes.:

Spain's defense minister Carme Chacon reviews troops in Madrid, Monday April 14, 2008. (via Shakesville)
Chacon, who was housing minister in the last government, wore heels, a black pant suit and white maternity blouse as she reviewed troops Monday at a ceremony in which she officially took over her post. Her husband is Miguel Barroso, who in the past has worked in Zapatero's press office.

She called the troops to attention, ordered them to join her in saying "Long live Spain, long live the King," and gave a brief speech in which she said her appointment was a sign of progress.
Look at that shot! That woman looks bad. ass. All business and absolutely in her element. (Psst: I think I have a crush.)

This came just a few hours after I read this article from, entitled "Pregnancy risk puts employers off women." (via Feministing) Fun fact: 52% of bosses will "weigh up the chances of a candidate getting pregnant" when considering women for employment - specifically, it's women at "risk" for pregnancy (hint: that means young and/or recently-married women. 'Cause, y'know, all young and/or recently married want babies!) who are getting shafted. Brilliant:
Only five per cent of bosses have employed someone knowing the candidate is pregnant and a total of 76 per cent said they would not take on a new recruit if they knew they were going to become pregnant within six months of starting.
Meanwhile Spain is not fucking around:
The surprise appointment of Carme Chacon, age 37 and with no military experience, is the boldest statement yet from a Socialist government that has made gender equality one of its top priorities.

... Chacon is now one of the most visible members of a government that has enacted sweeping social legislation designed to rid traditionally male-dominated Spain of gender discrimination.

It legalized gay marriage, streamlined divorce procedures, forced political parties to field more female candidates and passed a law designed to promote women in the workplace and pressure companies to put more of them in their boardrooms.

This time Zapatero even created a new department, the Equality Ministry, to press these goals. The portfolio went to a 31-year-old woman, Bibiana Aido.
Oh, hell yes. Spain is sounding better and better.

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