Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FACT: "They are plotting and planning all over the world to destabilize the world, to inflict terror ..."

... and we have carte blanche to bring "them" down by any means necessary, including bombing the hell out of a village in Somalia which happens to be somewhere in the vicinity of an East African al Qaeda stronghold:
While referring details of the strike to the Pentagon, White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe stressed that "the United States is going to go after al Qaeda and al Qaeda-affiliated operatives wherever we find them.

"They are plotting and planning all over the world to destabilize the world, to inflict terror, and where we find them, we are going to go after them," he said.
Any means necessary, ya'll.
The strike destroyed two houses -- killing three women and three children, and wounding another 20 people -- Dhoobley's District Commissioner Ali Nur Ali Dherre told CNN.

... Dherre told CNN he did not know of any Islamist extremists in the village.
This was a deliberate attack, made worse by the fact by the claim that there was some passing attempt to avoid injuring any civilians. And yet, that's exactly what happened: women and children killed, people injured, houses and property destroyed, and they didn't even accomplish the goal they set out to accomplish.

And all the language being used here, to explain away why some innocent people died, is the same language being used in every aspect of U.S. foreign policy justifying U.S. actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, NSA spying on American citizens, and it's all been building up this culture of fear that keeps being perpetuated by the mainstream media. Old news, I know. This shit is out of control.

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